How It Started

It all started with one daughter’s wedding. This journey has turned into a business bigger than we could ever have imagined. In 2015, the oldest daughter of our family got engaged, but this dream started long before that.

Our original wedding barn has a date in the stone, 2009, which depending on the time of year is obscured by lush green ivy. The owner of The Baumerhof designed this barn in the hopes of creating a legacy for his own family. It was inspired by the generations who had come before, from places far and near, and it was created in the hopes of starting new traditions that would make us proud.

For years, this barn filled many purposes and functioned as a real barn storing tools and farm equipment. The oldest daughter, similarly inspired by her father and his barn, wished to have her wedding at the family farm. We worked to move equipment, scrub and clean, and figure out the logistics of hosting a wedding.

In June 2016, the oldest daughter and her high school sweetheart got married in front of the lush new ivy, under the stone engraved “2009”. The feedback from the guests was the same, “Is this a wedding venue? This is beautiful! Would you host more events?” Our answer was, “Yes!”

How It’s Going

We have been hosting weddings since 2016, and each year we learn, grow, and work with each of our brides and their planners to create all kinds of visions for every event. With well over 100 weddings, we have seen just about everything. We work to make sure that not only is the venue beautiful, but that the vendors know our amenities and can run your event to the best of their abilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if it looks like it’s supposed to rain on my wedding day?

A: The variety of locations we offer means our brides are able to make the most of gloomy days, and a drizzly forecast doesn’t have to rain on your parade.

Q: How will I keep everything running smoothly with all the vendors I pick?

A: In our contract, we require brides to hire a planner or coordinator that at the least covers month-of services. We have several planners and coordinators we work with year to year, and these amazing people help ensure that all of your vendors from food to flowers and more are ready for your event.

Q: Are there chairs and tables available to rent? Do you all provide the janitorial staff? Is there security?

A: The Baumberhof has standard furniture that is available for our events, including 30 60″ tables (up to 10 seated) and 300 chairs. A professional janitorial service cleans the morning of events and our staff provides basic clean-up during and after the event. The service we are not able to provide at this time is full catering bussing which we require- but don’t worry, the caterers on our approved vendor list include this in their contracts! We also provide security guards for all of our events- the number of whom varies depending on event size.

Q: What does the pricing look like to book with the Baumberhof?

A: As a venue with lots of options, we aren’t able to list prices for every item on our site- it would be too long! We are happy to give tours and explain prices, but since we book so far in advance, our prices for weddings we are working to book are subject to change and are confirmed once our contracts are signed.

Q: What are your regular business hours?

A: We began this venture on a private family estate, and we still function in some spaces as a farm. For our additional work to continue running smoothly, we cannot provide “regular working hours” where our gates remain open. In the hopes of providing private residences and other business ventures privacy, we schedule tours by appointment, so please reach out to us by phone or email so we can meet you and show you around!

Q: Can I have my rehearsal the day before my wedding?

A: Often, our weekends are booked with events, and we are not able to offer day-before rehearsals. We often schedule rehearsals in the morning on the day of the wedding. Based on availability, we can offer a one-hour reservation time earlier in the week. The price includes one separate one-hour photography session on the property.